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Listen to this.

Hello, everyone. I’m here today to tell you about Lola Indigo. 

Lola Indigo is a group founded by singer and dancer Mimi as a personal project to experiment with music. 

Her first single, Yo ya no quiero na, is an already certified Platinum bisexual anthem that you won’t be able to get out of your head. 

But let me tell you more about this song.

1. It’s a song about women’s empowerment.


“I’ve been noticing

that you were thinking

I was dancing just for you

No, I want nothing from you”

2. It has an amazing choreo where none of the moves are repeated. Each new section of the song has different steps. 


3. It’s a bisexual anthem.

“I’m alone with her playing.

I’m not doing it to arouse you. 

You are mistaken.

I’m not your girl, boy.”

4. God is a woman.


Warmi ❤️

Warmi ❤️