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A spontaneous date idea where we encountered gators, wild boars, snakes.. 🐊🐗🐍 Always nice to try something different 💕 New vlog, link below!


NEW VIDEO!! Click the link below to see our adventures in New Orleans while the biggest LGBT festival was in town! ☺️💕🏳️‍🌈


My girl got us concert tickets for our 4 Year Anniversary. I pranked her into believing it was cancelled 😂 Watch the full video, link below!


4 Year Old Lil Tay Tay takes over the vlog 👩‍👩‍👧 Link below 💕


Danced the night away with my favorite dancing partner 💃🏻❣️(even though we both can’t dance tehee 😜)

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Lesbians react to lesbian scenes 😍🙈 Youtube link below 💕


Wine, music and good company calls for a very happy day with my babeh 😊

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Festival Buddy👭💕 YouTube Channel: https://y…

Festival Buddy👭💕

YouTube Channel:

At the Museum of Ice Cream 🍭🍦Big shoutout to…

At the Museum of Ice Cream 🍭🍦Big shoutout to all of our fans ☺️💜

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New Vlog 😘 revealing my girlfriend’s most sav…

New Vlog 😘 revealing my girlfriend’s most savage moments 😉😱 Link below 👇🏼