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confession: I am in love with everything about love but I am so without it

I can relate.

I think the girl I love is falling for someone else. And it’s breaking my heart


Go on anon and tell me about the person you love

We’ve been online friends for a little over a year and we tried dating before and it wasn’t the best time for me so we stopped talking for a little bit, but recently i drove to see her while she was camping and instantly fell in love. Last night we hung out again and she met my friends but just holding hands with her during a movie killed me. Definitely right person wrong time❤️

Wrong time? Then or now?

Go on anon and tell me about the person you love

I had this girlfriend who was my best friend at the same time, but then things went wrong and we broke up. You said that you still are friends with your ex, how did you achieve that? Isn’t it hard?

Not only my friend, but my best friend. And no, in my case it isn’t hard, but every relationship is different.

Your story is cute and sad at the same time

I don’t think it’s sad. Or at least I don’t feel sad about it.

Although it’s not a cute romance. The girl I love is part of the Coast Guard. We haven’t spoken in around 3ish weeks.. something like that. She had a girlfriend the whole time, someone toxic for her. I was so good to her. And she left for someone bad for her. Anyways. I love her and I never even told her. I might have told her drunk once, after she told me first. But every day I want to tell her. But she’s not mine anymore. And I really love her, she doesn’t want to hear from me anymore.

She told you she loved you and now she doesn’t want to hear from you? I’m confused…

Go on anon and tell me about the person you love

(Prt3) Everything I lack in communication and comfort in this relationship. Is everything my old friend gave me without asking, what made me fall for her. But its been years since I last spoke to her and I dont want to reach out to her and I dont want to ruin what I have with my current gf. So its all messed up again :/ Sorry, I just wanted to share it with someone. Thanks for listening and sorry to bother you.

You don’t bother me! I like reading your stories.
If she’s stopping you from getting better, maybe she’s not the one. I believe that partners are meant to make each other better, to support each other, not to stop each other from growing.

Go on anon and tell me about the person you love

But I found this new girl who’m I truely love but she is very hard to be with. Im not so mentally stable myself but after so many bad years im finally getting my life on track again and she is still in a bad place and I feel like shes stopping my growth. And holding me down, I want to be with her and be happy with her but it feels so hard because almost all effort in the relationship comes from my side. And to be honest Im starting to miss my old friend again. (Prt2)


I saw your post about telling about the person you love and I just wanted to share this, because it’s kind of all messed up . A few years ago I fell in love with my best friend (I know cliche) but I confessed to her she let me wait an eternity before she finally rejected me. In the process the friendship completely died. It was the most painfull experience and I still miss her. (Prt1)


Shes wonderful, the best, couldnt ask for anything more. We had a shift in our “almost-something” friendship and we dont really speak anymore. We dont even look at each other anymore really. On monday, im planning to cover the inside of her locker door with paint swatches, which were things we used to collect for eachother. Its gonna be my last way of reaching out and hopefully becoming “almost-maybe-something” friends again.. ill tell you how it goes.

Yay!! Yes, please. Good luck!

Go on anon and tell me about the person you love