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my femme girlfriend: [hour and a half later] ok I’m ready to leave the house

me: [throwing on shorts and a tank top] okay baby i love you and you look so pretty

My overdressed butch ass: [hour and a half later] ok I’m ready to leave the house

My femme girlfriend: [throwing on a sundress and head scarf] okay baby I love you and you look so handsome

Me: [after spending 6 hours on my hair and makeup] Babe I’m ready to head out now

My femme wife: [who has also taken 6 hours] Okay babe I love you I’m ready and your highlight is poppin severely but you need to blend that contour in a little bit

Me: [fixing her eyebrows] I love you

my overdressed butch ass: [hour and a half later] ok love im ready to leave the house 

my equally overdressed femme girlfriend: [also hour and a half later] okay baby i love you we’re both so pretty

Me: [10 minutes and a tank top later] ok babe let’s go

My equally lazy butch girlfriend: [also 10 minutes and a tank top later] I love you honey but we gotta stop taking each other’s tank tops

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there is no heterosexual explanation for this.

What happens!!?? I want this romance…. so cute

Ummm im here for vintage lesbians

i’m sure someone probably commented on this post already but this is calamity jane, they eventually move into a tiny cabin together and sing a song about how “a woman’s touch” can fix anything. i watched this movie daily when i was about 7 and now i’m a dyke

my butch lesbian professor who is well into her sixties had told me that this was her first real exposure to the concept that a woman could not only be attracted to other women, but be butch while doing it. she said this movie propelled her into her sexuality with a sense of pride and remains a cornerstone of her coming-out journey. in short, representation matters and always has. 



yeah for reference, here’s the “fixing up the cabin” song

i really want to believe that at least one person in the production knew precisely what they were doing

Are these some kind of hints?? Is she really c…

Are these some kind of hints?? Is she really coming back??

I so broken right now I can’t sleep and …

I so broken right now I can’t sleep and if I do it’s cause I’ve cried myself into a state of exhaustion that i fall asleep. And this is all over a girl. This girl tipped me over the edge. She led me on saying she liked me and if she wasn’t with her bf of the time she would want to be with me. Then she got with another guy still saying the same things they broke up and still nothing now I found out I’m nothing but a friend to her. Idk what to do any advice?

Cry all you need, take your time, this feeling won’t last forever.



If you’re feeling physical pain at the thought of a heartbroken Sophie clap your hands 👏👏👏



I’m getting tired of Sophie getting her heart broken all the time. She deserves so much better!!! Stop messing with my baby and give her a proper storyline!



gay culture is an endless loop of “you’re cute” “you’re cute” “no you” “no YOU’RE the cutest” “that’s gay” “you’re gay”