NOVEMBER 23: 96 Hours by Georgia Beers is publ…


On this day in 2011, the book 96 Hours by the iconic lesbian romance
novelist Georgia Beers first hit shelves.

Georgia Beers photographed in her office by Yasmin Jung in 2017 (x).

96 Hours tells the kind of pulpy,
drama-filled romance story that lesbians are not usually afforded in fiction;
set against the tragic backdrop of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York City,
the novel follows two women named Erin and Abby. Erin is meant to be flying
back to her home in London after coming to America for a business trip, while
Abby has a plane ticket for New York City where she will be able to visit her
ailing mother. However, once the tragic plane hijackings start occurring, both
women’s flights get deterred to Gander, Canada for safety. For 96 hours, Erin
and Abby share an experience and a connection like no other.

96 Hours is simply one novel in a
long string of lesbian romance novels churned out by Georgia Beers over the
years; if the straights have Danielle Steel and Nora Roberts, then lesbians
have Georgia Beers. She was born in Rochester, New York and began writing at a young age. She has written over 15 books to date and has repeatedly been
awarded the Lambda Literary Award for Best Lesbian Fiction. She is also currently a member of the programming board for the ImageOut LGBTQ Film Festival. You can find more
of her work here!