NOVEMBER 12: LGBT activists protest Time Magaz…


On this day in 1969, members of
the Gay Liberation Front and the lesbian organization The Daughters of Bilitis picketed at the Time-Life
Building in New York City. The protest came about in response to a story run in
Time Magazine
on October 31, 1969 titled “The Homosexual in America.”

TIME Magazine Cover: The Homosexual in America,” Oct. 31, 1969 (x).

When the October 1969 issue of
Time Magazine hit stands and the article “The Homosexual in America” was
finally able to be read, many members of The Gay Liberation Front and The
Daughters of Bilitis felt betrayed. Although taking a slightly more empathetic
angle than articles and essays that preceded it, “The Homosexual in America”
had used interviews with gay and lesbian members of both organizations to ultimately
come to the conclusion that “homosexuality is a serious and sometimes crippling

In response to this sense of
betrayal, gay and lesbian activists crowded the Time-Life building on the
morning of November 12, 1969 with picket signs. They also handed out leaflets to
passersby that read “In characteristic tight-assed fashion, ‘Time’ has
attempted to dictate sexual boundaries for the American public and to define
what is healthy, moral, fun, and good on the basis of its narrow, out-dated,
warped, perverted, and repressed sexual bias.”