NOVEMBER 6: LGBT activists attend the Demonstr…


On this day in 1971, a small group of
LGBT activists marched in the Demonstration Against the Vietnam War in Toronto,
Ontario in Canada. Although not leading the parade, multiple activists
associated with the LGBT newspaper The
Body Politic
were present at the demonstration.

Art Whitaker and other gay and lesbian contingent members hold picket signs reading “War Is Not Gay” & “Better Blatent Than Latent” at the Demonstration Against the Vietnam War, Toronto, Ontario, November 6, 1971. Photo by Jearld Moldenhauer (x).

very first “gay liberation” newspaper in Canadian history, The Body Politic, was founded in 1971. It was spearheaded by Jearld Moldenhauer and the first issue was
published on November 1, 1971. It was that momentum from the paper’s big coming out party which resulted in the
writers and staff of The Body Politic
protesting alongside anti-war activists in Toronto’s Demonstration Against the
Vietnam War on November 6, 1971. 

The headline to the October 1981 issue of Body Politic includes the headline “In search of the perfect any lesbian bar: A thirsty Chris Bearchell scouts the (few) options for gay women in Toronto” (x).

The Body
 ran for 16 years before ceasing publication in 1987 and
became a central tenet of Toronto’s LGBT and activist community. One of the
newspaper’s most active contributors was Sue Golding, one of the leaders of
Canada’s lesbian activist scene.