NOVEMBER 4: Maura Healey becomes the first LGB…


On this day in 2014, Maura Healey
became the very first openly gay state attorney general to be elected in
America. She has been making headlines throughout 2017 for openly opposing the
presidency of Donald Trump and joining lawsuit challenges against his executive orders.

Most recently, Maura Healey led a group of 15 attorneys general in filing a court brief opposing President Donald Trump’s ban on transgender people serving openly in the U.S. military (x).

Maura Healey was born on February
8, 1971 in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire. She grew up in a midde-class
household; her mother was a nurse, her father an engineer, and her step-father
taught history at Winnacunnet High School, which she and her 4 brothers and
sisters also attended. She would go on to graduate from Harvard College in 1992
and then Northeastern University School of Law in 1998. Between finishing her
undergraduate and receiving her J.D., Maura lived in Austria and played for a
professional basketball team in Salzburg.

She began her legal career as a
clerk and had worked her way up to Chief of the Public Protection &
Advocacy Bureau by 2012. It was in October of 2013 when Maura announced her
campaign for state attorney general of Massachusetts. During the campaign, she
was endorsed by many notable Democrats and in September of 2014 it was declared
that she had officially defeated the Republican nominee John Miller. On
November 4, 2014, Maura was sworn in as the new attorney general of Massachusetts and became the first attorney general in American history to be a member of the LGBT community. She remains in
office today and resides in Charlestown, Massachusetts with her partner Gabrielle