OCTOBER 17: The Toronto Lesbian Pride March (1…


1981 was a Prideful year for the
city of Toronto – it saw one of the largest Pride parades in the city’s
history, waves of protests in response to the police department’s unlawful raids
of the city’s bathhouses, and the second Lesbian Pride March to ever take place
in North America!

A flyer for Lesbians Against the Right, the organization which founded the Toronto Lesbian Pride March, advertises for a meeting on May 9th (x).

In October of 1981, an
organization called Lesbians Against the Right organized Toronto’s first and
North America’s second Lesbian Pride March. The first had been held in May of
1981 in Vancouver as a part of the Bi-National Lesbian Conference and was
attended by over 200 people. Both of these marches were predecessors of the
more well-known Dyke Marches, which are still treasured traditions of Pride Parades around the world.