ive said it once and ill say it again but if you live in like . california or another state where lgbt shit is decently accepted please be mindful of the fact that others have it worse than you. Indiana very recently tried to pass laws that allow for same sex couples to be banned from restaurants, in lots of states conversion therapy is still legal, and gay people are still beat for simply existing. think about that please

not to mention in lots of countries its still very much illegal and people are killed for being lgbt

yes this is fine to rb. if u live in a privileged place id appreciate it.

Thanks for mentioning the other countries, other countries represent

Also even in places where as a whole lgbtqa+ people are accepted, abusive homophobic people still exist. Yes lgbtqa+ people legally have rights but that doesn’t mean they are accepted and respected by their family. This especially goes for kids who don’t have any agency. Just please don’t forget about the kids and teens who can’t speak up or celebrate who they are because their family makes it unsafe for them to be themselves.