JULY 12: Malta legalizes same-sex marriage (20…


In a surprising announcement, the strict Catholic nation of
Malta has just legalized same-sex marriage beginning on this day – July 12,


People celebrate in front of the Auberge de Castille, the office of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, which is lit in rainbow colors after the Maltese parliament voted to legalize same-sex marriage on the Roman Catholic Mediterranean island, in Valletta, Malta, July 12, 2017 (x).

Malta has historically been a mixed bag when it comes to
progressive politics; the nation only made divorce legal in 2011, but legalized
civil unions for same-sex couples just three years later in 2014. Although 98%
of the population in Malta identify as traditional Roman Catholics, support for
the full legalization of same-sex marriage has been high ever the 2014 ruling
on civil unions. Malta’s parliament responded to the general public’s wishes when it was announced that a vote to officially
make the language of Malta’s wedding laws gender neutral to include same-sex
couples, and thus make same-sex marriage legal, had passed by 66-1. 

The single
MP who voted against the bill was Edwin Vassallo, who offers his religion as
his reasoning: “A Christian politician cannot leave his
conscience outside the door.” As for the 66 other MPs who supported the bill,
they have voted for the classic line “you are now husband and wife” to be
replaced with “you are now spouses,” for “maiden name” to be replaced with “surname
at birth,” and for “mother and father” on adoption documents to simply be replaced with “parents.” Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Musca has expressed satisfaction
with the changes, calling the old legislation which secluded same-sex couples
to civil unions “discriminatory.” Congratulations, Malta!!