JULY 10: Alexandra Hedison (1969-)


Happy birthday to Alexandra Hedison!! The L-Word actress, director, and photographer turns 47-years-old

Alexandra has published three book collections of her photography, which you can view here! (x)

Alexandra was born on July 10, 1969 in Los Angeles,
California into an Italian-American family. Growing up in the heart of the
American entertainment industry and with an actor as a father, she had many
creative influences from a young age. She would go on to attend the State
University of New York at Purchase and University of California, Los Angeles,
from which she graduated in 1992. She began photography right out of college
and had her first exhibit in 2002 at Rose Gallery in Bergamont Station. Alexandra
soon became famous for her abstract landscape pieces and today her work has
been displayed in galleries all over the world.

After dating for a year, Alexandra married actress Jodie Foster in April of 2014 (x).

In addition to her photography career, Alexandra has also
had a robust acting career. She got her start with a minor role in the 1994
film Sleep with Me and has been in
over 18 films and television shows. She has also directed two films – an
animated film in 2005 titled In the Dog
and a 2005 documentary titled The
Making of Suit Yourself
. Her most popular role was as Dylan Moreland in the
iconic lesbian series The L-Word!
Alexandra first “came out” to the general public when it was announced that she
was dating Ellen DeGeneres in 2001, but she was just recently married to Jodie
Foster in 2014. This year alone, Alexandra’s work has been shown at three different
prestigious exhibits: “The Useful and the Decorative” at The Landing
in Los Angeles, as well as “Found Paintings” at both H Gallery and La Salle René
Capitant-Mairie du Panthéon in Paris.