MAY 15: Mary Glasspool is consecrated into the…


On this day in 2010, Mary Glasspool became the very first lesbian
to become a consecrated bishop in the Anglican Communion!

Throughout her career, Mary Glasspool has served as Diocese of both Los Angeles and New York City (x). 

Mary was born on February 23, 1957 in Staten Island, New York. As
a child, she was very much involved in the Church, as her father served as the rector
of St. James’ Church in Goshen, New York until his death. After attending Episcopal
Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Mary was on her way up the career
the ladder. In an interview with Newsweek Magazine in 2010, Mary recalls coming
out to her father in more ways than one; in 1974, she revealed to her father
that not only was she gay, but that she still intended to become an Episcopalian
priest. Mary says, 

“I think he honestly was proud of me on a personal level and
wanted to support me but couldn’t break out of the kind of characteristics he
himself promoted as someone who upheld the Tradition.“ 

After becoming an
elected bishop suffragan in 2009, the Presiding Bishop’s Office certified that
Mary’s election had met the right requirements and she was consecrated into
the Church on May 15, 2010 – making her the 17th woman and the very
first lesbian to ever be consecrated! In her Newsweek interview, Mary gladly reveals
that she “really hasn’t” received any hate mail since her consecration. In 2015,
Mary was invited to serve as the Episcopal Diocese of New York, a position she
still claims today.