MAY 7: Landing by Emma Donoghue is published (…


On this day in 2007, the novel Landing by Emma Donoghue first hit shelves. You might recognize
Donoghue’s name from her novel turned Oscar-winning film, Room, but before she hit the big leagues, Donoghue was known for
her sweet, lesbian romance novels like The
Sealed Letter
, Hood, and of
course, Landing.


The original cover art for Landing shows two hands clasped together in the shape of a heart (x). 

Landing tells the
story of something all too familiar to many of us in the lesbian community –
the long distance relationship.  Spread
out between Dublin, Ireland and a small town in Ontario, Canada, the novels
follows Síle and Jude from their meet-cute at Heathrow Airport to the trials
and tribulations of loving each other from across the world. Landing was Donoghue’s fifth novel and
in 2008 it was honored by the Golden Crown Literary Society in the category of Lesbian
Dramatic General Fiction.

A lesbian herself, Emma Donoghue has been writing since
1994. Her first novel was Stir Fry, a
coming-of-age story about a young Irish girl who comes to learn that she is a
lesbian. Throughout her career, Emma Donoghue has been awarded such honors as a
Stonewall Book Award, the Ferro-Grumley Award, the Man Booker Prize, and various
Lambda Literary Awards. She was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, but
currently lives in Canada with her wife Christine Roulston and their two kids,
Finn and Una. If you’re looking for a cute, lesbian book with a happy ending, I
definitely recommend Landing, or
really any book from Donoghue’s career!