mra’s and anti feminists be screeching with their whataboutery of oppression in 3rd world countries but like,,, there’s a fucking MRA movement growing in India right now. 

so shut up about how “women have gained too much power in the west, third wave feminism is oppressing men” cuz men are pulling the same exact shit in countries where women don’t have basic rights and are raped, acid attacked, and honor killed. The very existence and voice of women and their anger at misogyny offends men. They view the subjugation of women as one of their rights. Men were pulling the exact shit in the first and second waves of feminism too. 

literally mratards are saying the exact same shit in those very ass backwards countries where women are supposedly “actually oppressed unlike in the west”

It’s a thing men like to harp on to justify harassing women, even in a country where we literally are owned by men there is an MRA movement , Men feel oppressed when they’re not 100%in control of every aspect of a woman’s life.

I read the article and Indian MRAs recently managed to remove protections for women against dowry violence because they claim “disgruntled wives” lie about husbands and inlaws being abusive even though this is well documented

These fuckers are working with Western MRAs like Paul Elam pretending they are the poor, down trodden victims while doing everything they can to hurt women

Patriarchy unites men across borders

This makes me so sad… those women are in a dire state, and the men are still going like “REEEEEEEEE WhAt ABouT dA MeNZ” while the women are getting gang raped in the streets. 💔🤦🏾‍♀️