MARCH 30: the Rock and Riot webcomic premieres…


If you’re into the whole 50s aesthetic, then we have a treat for you today: a post about the wonderful Rock and Riot webcomic, written & drawn by the talented Chelsey Furedi. Rock and Riot first went up two years ago exactly. For those of you who don’t know it yet, the comic follows two rival teenage gangs, the Jaquettes and the Rollers (a third gang comes up later on, the Bandits). It’s sweet and fluffy, fun and diverse, and makes a really good point of centering LGBT characters without ever flattening their complex identities. Also, there’s wlw galore.

“Diversity is celebrated, milkshakes are spilled, and punches are thrown in this family-friendly adventure.”


Connie & Rolly from Rock and Riot. Their friendship is the best.

The author, Chelsey, is a queer illustrator (she/her) hailing from New Zealand. She studied animation for two and a half years, and now works in-studio on a kids’ show; aside from her work and the webcomic, she enjoys: drawing fanart, listening to podcasts, and cuddling friends. We asked her a few questions about the comic.

AK: How did Rock and Riot

Chelsey: I am a sucker for musicals. I
love how cheesy and uplifting they are! I wanted to create a story that would
work just as well as a musical. But, because I can’t sing or write music, I
wrote a comic instead! (Although, I did include a song in chapter 14 thanks to
the help of talented friends!) I explain some of my main influences
. I started with just an idea for the
first chapter, and it grew from there. The story itself has doubled in length
since I first planned it, but each chapter is just a quick story that takes a
few minutes to read and will give the reader happy-fluffy-feelings.

The characters are very
diverse, in terms of race, gender, sexuality… Was that a conscious effort on
your part?

I wanted to let everyone
know that no matter who they are, they deserve to wear a kick-ass jacket
and raise a little hell. And of course be very… very gay. 

Any thoughts on the
presence of lbpq women in the world of comics & webcomics?

The internet is BURSTING with
queer female creators. It’s really great to see so many great voices out there
and sharing the stories they want to tell. In fact as we speak, the
Bingo Love kickstarter
JUST launched*, and I know that’s where I’ll be
putting my money.

(*Note: the kickstarter actually exceeded their goal but they can still receive contributions until April 17! So if you can, go and make a pledge! The perks look awesome!!)

Find Chelsey on social media: Instagram / Twitter / her personal tumblr / and of course, once again, the Rock and Riot comic itself. Her Rock and Riot extras tumblr is also dedicated to showcasing issues related to the comic and/or the LGBT+ community.

– AK