In need of a carer!!

Hello! My name is Juniper and I am in need of a carer or babysitter! Here I’ll put a little bit of information about me and my needs!!

Name: Juniper

Age: 21(22 in May)

Regressed age: 2-7

Prefered pronouns: she/her

Likes: dress up, coloring and drawing, making food, watching cartoons!!

Dislikes: waking up, being too hot, bitter foods…

Needs: I need for someone to help me go to bed and get up at good times as well as remind me to possibly take naps! I also have post trauma arthritis and need for someone to check on me and remind me to take medicine if it hurts!! I’m very forgetful, so having someone remind me of appointments or things would be helpful too! I also get lonely pretty easily so I need a lot of attention!

Extras: I would really like for this to only be platonic!!

🌟If you think this could be a good fit for you please send a message!🌟