FEBRUARY 14: Angela Robinson (1971-)


As luck would have it, our lesbian of the day for Valentine’s Day is the one and only Angela Robinson, the fantastic writer, director, and producer who brought us the iconic D.E.B.S., The L Word, and Girltrash! among other things.


LGBT themes are central to Angela’s projects. In addition to D.E.B.S., she has created the online series Girltrash!, which is related to The L Word. She has also worked as a writer, director, & producer for Herbie: Fully Loaded, Hung, True Blood, and Charlies’ Angels. In a 2006 article for AfterEllen.com, she explained how we need to take back power and start making the lesbian content we want to see featured:

My panel epiphany is: We have the power now.
We have the tools of creation and the means to distribute our work. We
don’t have to beg for scraps and try to cross over. We can make our own
stuff and let them come over here if they want. In fact, let’s break
down this here and there crap and just make great, fun, moving,
hilarious, intense, bold work. It’ll work if we support each other and
talk to each other, say on sites like this, right now. The gatekeepers
are dying, slowly but surely, and now is the time for the artist to talk
directly to the audience, without the middleman. And everybody can be
an artist, not just the people on the panel, but each and every one of
the people in the audience.

I would love to see Dykeback Mountain,
if it happens. Hell, I would like to make it myself. But my hope (and
prediction) is that it will be just one of many lezzie movies, TV shows,
shorts, books, songs, blogs, whatever. It will happen if we make it,
sell it, buy it or give it away. It’s in our hands. Get to work.

photo credit: Alessandro Abbonizio / Angela Robinson at the 2005 premiere of Herbie

In a 2014 radio interview, she explains what it is like to be a black, female, lesbian director in Hollywood, how diversity plays out in this milieu, and the neecessity of having diversity:

What different perspectives do women and other ethnicities bring?
“This specific example happened on True Blood last year where there was
this episode I was writing and there was a character who was being
created, a white guy who was really eccentric and I guess went back and
wrote it as a black woman. I just changed the character because it had
to be a white guy. I was just like, “Why not just make this a black
woman?” And I try to do that whenever I can. Just change it.“

She has a son with her partner, Alex Kondracke, and they live in California. Happy birthday, and happy Valentine’s, Angela!

– AK