FEBRUARY 11: Tammy Baldwin (1962-)


We need to see more women in power – and more specifically, more lbpq women in power. Take Tammy Baldwin, born on this day back in 1962, who’s the first openly gay senator in US history and who’s undoubtedly inspired many queer women to go into politics while living their life openly.


Baldwin hails from Wisconsin. (Fun fact: apparently, through familial ties, she’s related to comedian Andy Samberg!) She first started out as a lawyer, and in 1992 ran to represent Wisconsin’s 78th Assembly District. In the early 90s, she was one of the very few openly gay politicians in the US. Back then, she was already an open proponent of LGBT rights. 

She got elected to the Senate in 2012, running against the Republican Tommy Thompson; after her 14 years in the House of Representatives, she had the highest seniority in her entering class of senators. She was featured in Time, where she was quoted as
saying “I didn’t run to make history” on her historic election.

Still, she did, and we’re all glad to have her as a Senator!

– AK