Hi, so I’ve been struggling in discovering my sexuality lately. I identify as female and know I like girls and have had crushes on them but I have also liked guys. The only thing is that when I got close to a guy romantically and they asked me out on a date, I would run and not want to commit. Also in all my more intimate dreams with guys I’ve been uncomfortable except for one dream where I was a guy and with a girl (although I’m very confident in my gender identity, she/her), am I gay? Or bi?

this is how one of my friends was! she realized she had this feint idea that she liked guys so she tried dating them but didn’t like it at all. she figured out that she only thought she liked guys because she grew up her whole life thinking she *had* to like guys because that’s what the social norm was. but really she liked just girls all along! she’s in a very happy relationship with her girlfriend now. 

that’s just what the case was with my friend, but it is possible that you could still be attracted to some guys. i would just say don’t limit yourself, but don’t go into a relationship that you’re uncomfortable with <3