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Tumblr: @avamadueno
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22, living in South Carolina. Looking for what…

22, living in South Carolina.
Looking for whatever comes my way.
Distance is not an issue! 😊
I play the ukulele and sing.
And can cook some bomb ass Mexican food.

Let’s talk?

FEBRUARY 24: Judith Butler (1956-)


It’d be kind of difficult to write about queer women without
mentioning once Judith Butler, the American philosopher and theorist whose work
has profoundly influenced modern thought, especially in the fields of feminist
and queer theory.

Her academic achievements are impressive; and so is her list
of publications, among which we can find some of the groundbreaking texts on
gender, identity, sexuality, bodies, ethics, queerness, and Jewishness of the
20th-century: Gender Trouble
is usually the most well-known of her books, as it helped develop the idea of gender
performativity in feminist and queer theories, and has had impacts in film
studies and literary theory as well.


Judith Butler at a lecture at the University of Hamburg, April 2007, photo from Wiki Commons taken by

Butler was born in Cleveland, OH; her family is of Jewish
descent, hailing from Hungary and Russia. Out of her early education probably arose
her deep interest in ethics and political philosophy, as she attended Hebrew
school and special tutorial classes on Jewish ethics when she was a teenager.
She was a philosophy student in college and grad school, and she obtained her
PhD from Yale in 1984. She’s taught at numerous prestigious universities since
then, and she’s now the Maxine Elliot
in the CompLit department of Berkeley, where she’s taught since
1993, and where she founded the Critical Theory Program. She also currently
works at the European Graduate School, where she’s the Hannah Arendt Chair. She
lives in California with her partner, Wendy Brown, who’s also a professor at
Berkeley, working in political science and critical theory (birds of a feather
really do flock together), and their son.

Obviously, you can’t have that kind of public visibility
without some form of criticism. She’s been under fire for anything from her
views on gender to her prose style, which her detractors often consider to be pointlessly
obtuse. As always, there’s definitely valid criticism in all this, but one can’t
help but notice how often Butler’s been vilified by mainstream media and
conservative thinkers whenever she challenges deeply ingrained concepts (she
was basically demonized as the antichrist when marriage equality became a hotly
debated issue in France a few years ago).

has a pretty exhaustive bibliography for her. For more reading, there’s this
piece on the NYT
where she breaks down why “All Lives Matter” is wrong, and
a Youtube
brings up plenty of her lectures, which may be in a more
comprehensible format than her more academic texts. Finally, in this interview with The TransAdvocate, she explains her views on transgender identities and TERFs (spoiler alert: she fully supports any trans person’s right to self-definition, and completely opposes the latter).

And if you’re into that kind of thing, here’s a panel discussion
between Butler, Cixous, and Ronnell from back in 2012.

– AK

Hello 🙂 My name is Kayla I’m 25 Single Correc…

Hello 🙂 My name is Kayla I’m 25 Single Correctional Officer I love horseback riding, and watching videos on YouTube I enjoy making paracord bracelets, origami when it involves foxes I love foxes and wolf pups, I do plan on owning some eventually I like be wild animals more than domesticated animals (weird I know) My sense of humor is very dark and occasionally sexual (don’t like it, don’t talk to me) I am looking for friends, I have next to no friends, but don’t waste my time. I’ve been through hell and back over the last 16 Years. I don’t want anymore problems
Age range: 18-45 (friends) Age range: 21-45 (relationships)
Insta: kayla.renee_2545 Facebook: kayla renee Tumblr: truexnation78 Snapchat: message me and ask Kik: message me and ask Number: message me and ask Whatsapp: message and ask


I just want to be surrounded by soft sweet things and to feel heavenly and pure…

Yo! I’m Em 💙 I’m 18, Panromantic and Asexual,…

Yo! I’m Em 💙 I’m 18, Panromantic and Asexual, and honestly I just really want to meet some hella rad people. I’m into anime and video games, especially anime! Feel free to talk with me!

My kik: misspeach13
My tumblr: @positivelypansexual

I’m Frankie 19 y/o I ❤ art, books, tv…

I’m Frankie

19 y/o

I ❤ art, books, tv shows & videogames

I’m in a berlin roller derby beginners team, I occassionally draw and write

I’m a cat person, but I like dogs too (grew up with both) and I also like turtles

Even if I most often deny it, I’m a big romantic lover and I like to cuddle.

Lesbian 👭

Hit me up if you’re interested, I’m slightly bad at small talk, but that might not get in the way 😅👌 (long term relationships or even friendships are okay with me, oh and I’m still living in Berlin)

Sydney•Mississippi•Lesbian Hey guys! I’m singl…

Hey guys! I’m single and I’m looking for new people to talk to!
Instagram: sydneyyygrace_

lipstick-andlesbians: X